intake admin costs/yr
for average clinic.


of admin time is saved
with Smart Intake™


of admin errors are reduced
with Smart Intake™.

Recover time and costs

A.I. Assisted Triaging

Forward your individual or group fax directly into an A.I. assisted workflow – eliminating transcription errors, reducing the need for paper waste, and ensuring no patients slip through the cracks.

Shorten Wait-times

Intelligent Scheduling

Each patient is triaged and fed into a priority-driven workflow where the case is automatically assigned and scheduled - reducing wait-times for patients that need the most urgent care. The scheduler learns best practices over time, optimizing itself for your specific needs.

Reduce No-Shows

Patient Engagement Bot

Eliminate no-shows and save your staff time by automating patient notifications, visit confirmations, and cancellations. Patients can also complete intake forms digitally, and are notified of any specific instructions prior to their visit.

Actionable Intelligence

Unlock operational efficiencies and optimize patient flow with data that you’re not currently capturing.

BlockHealth is PHIPA and HIPAA compliant, and our API's are fully customizable for any solution.

BlockHealth partners with leading healthcare providers and technology vendors to explore and develop deep learning solutions that address the complex administrative challenges facing healthcare.

Each of our API modules are lightweight and can be seamlessly integrated to streamline processes within any EMR or RIS platform. Patient information and communication for each touchpoint is fully encrypted, audited, and securely stored.

Together, we are using cutting edge technologies to drive new standards in healthcare efficiency, while improving access to care.

Fragmented health records result in over 30 billion health information exchanges per year in North America, mostly using fax.

At BlockHealth, we’re working to solve some of the biggest challenges facing health information technology. Leave us your e-mail below and stay up-to-date on the latest Health IT products, news, and updates!