Top 10 UX Design Tools in 2024

Top 10 UX Design Tools in 2024


Companies are widely using Figma as their best prototyping tool to develop their products. This is well known for team collaboration and handling cross-platform operations such as for iOS, Android and Windows.

Adobe XD

Adobe Experience Design is vector based tool for UI’s, people who have used Adobe Photoshop for years can easily be transformed to the user-friendly interface as it has almost the same toolbox which helps to iterate quickly. It can be compatible to both macOS and Windows.


User friendly interface is famous for iterate ideas into production in an collaborate environment. Another main benefit is that the Sketch files can easily imported into Invision App to edit.


With the help of drag & drop interface the designers can build interactive products in minutes. As per other platforms the team can correspond through live wireframes collaboration. It is covering most of the major cross-platform abilities.


In-depth tests with or without prototypes, rapid user testing and product researching has never been easy, the designer’s best weapon to keep the radar on during the process. They meet the landmark with the help of AI based data metrics features based on user’s reviews, feedback, likes, dislikes, competition, prices, interaction, functionality and user centered design point of views.


The designers usually prefer this tool for high quality designs as it has live commenting support during the process. They can either send the done image just dragging over the object and click send to the collaborative person. The platform works for Mac/Apple machines but the output can be exported for most of the other UX tools as well.


Well known for initial iterations such as user-flows, storyboards, wireframes and for low-fidelity wireframing. The big difference among with other tools is that this does not give start with too much thinking as it provides the read-made layoffs to brainstorm concepts into ideas.

Axure RP

One of the classic tool best known for low-fidelity design often used by designers to share digital drawings for reviews. As It has live cloud sharing facility for stake holders to experiment to bring the best product in the market. There is always a requirement to put on a quick Interactive UI which could travel the user to see the complex functionality in real-time which can be done on ease.


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