Color Schemes

Color Schemes
  1. Color theory & the human psychology
  2. How color schemes help corporate branding?
  3. How to incorporate the color schemes for the websites?
  4. The types of color schemes

Color theory & the human psychology:

Since the human came into existence the color is always very helpful to the human thinking and making very easy to differentiate the things around us. Suppose a person go to the market he would always look for his favorite brand. The interactivity between the user and to buying a thing leaves so many questions and the ‘color’ play an important role in the process.

How color schemes help corporate branding:

As per the typical designer’s point of view every product has its own personality the product could not be able to flourish until it has all the ingredients what the user need and the designer makes it possible to distinguish it through branding and every business has its own contrast.

How to incorporate the color schemes for the websites?

Every business has its own ‘branding’ and it is always the question how the designer’s thinking takes place to design the best in product. It all started with the combination of colors from the monogram to the websites. The one contrast goes all the way. There are online tools available to implement the color scheme for the website and then whether it’s the fonts or the graphical material (banners, featured boxes, icons, buttons etc.) adjusted accordingly.

The types of color schemes

Several type of color schemes available on the internet it all depends on the website requirements. Some of best I like to follow are pasted above:


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