Patterns & Textures:

Patterns & Textures:
  1. How to use the patterns in the website?
  2. The types of patterns & the inspiration
  3. The use of patterns in the responsive websites
  4. The website examples & the latest trends
  5. Tips to generate patterns/textures using graphics tool

A mathematically repeated form which generates the sense of proportional feelings by incorporating the universal experience. Just like the designing the space, it heightens the experience of comfort only by appearing physically. The texture is based on rough or smooth surfaces and sometimes linear or diagonal diagrams ending with garnishing soul.

The types of patterns & the inspiration


Geometric designs are based on different shapes such as circles, squares, diamonds, lines, triangles, ovals and earth diagrams. We can make them unique by their edges, surfaces, textures, colors and dotted points.

You can use these patterns for websites, vector graphics, logos, digital or print mediums, travel brochure and journals. These patterns help building brand identity and represent sense of determination.


These graphics based on Alphabetic or Numerical letters usually present a funny attitude with a blend of funky colors. We can use these textures for digital or print mediums such as for birthday parties, packages, kid’s magazines, food menus etc.

Bohemian style

An unconventional lifestyle, originally practiced by 19th–20th century European and American artists and writers. This art represents the unconventional lifestyle and portray the brand as stylish, sleek and artistic.

This style can be used with the fabrics for textile mills (clothing & garments), packages, digital & print art, typography and for fashion loving youth.

Watercolor painting

It’s a blend of many colors combining the artistry with the digital art by throwing few airy splashes and driving the brushes to generate swooshes to design the silhouette anatomy.

The art is being used with many materials such as packages, women cosmetics, banners, exhibitions, T-shirts, books and magazines.

Floral Pattern

Floral pattern conveys sense of emotional feelings and evolving since old times. Flowers are very close to people such as the roses express the love, Jasmin the high-spirits and sunflower brings loyalty.

The flowery artwork brings life to the branding material can be incorporated with any life style such as the house hold items, garden accessories, women garments, 3d wallpapers, interior design and other printing material.

Abstract Pattern

Abstract patterns are arrangements of randomly generated shapes which conveys the sense of distinction from reality. It is being used on digital products such as websites, mobile apps in the shape of icons, logos, typography, geometrical shapes and in various of other cover designs.

Abstract Pattern

Vintage art came into existence from about 100 to 200 and styles adapted in 70s & 80s eras. It’s the usually combination of Scandinavian art, geometric and earthy colors. Graphic designers are using the antique elements for real estate projects, retro museums, carpets, amusement parks etc.


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